Treatsntrix is a company that was established in 2002 by Teresa Waight and her family. Teresa had owed a Lhasa apso for about a year when she made the huge decision to become a breeder.
Teresa chose to have Treatsntrix as her affix as her first Lhasa Apso was called Trixie, as she was her first breeding bitch, and the company is in her memory.

Teresa chose to become a breeder because she felt that the Lhasa Apso breed was the best that she had ever come across for a wide range of reasons.

 Teresa dream was always for Treatsntrix to be family run.


Lhasa Apso


Welcome to Treatsntrix. The website where you can find all the information you need to know about Lhasa Apso's. The Lhasa Apso is in our opinion a breed apart from all other breeds. They are exceptionally loyal pets that are very good with adults, the elderly and children of all ages. We have also known Lhasa Apso's to go to homes where the owners have been allergic to dogs however they have not suffered symptoms with this breed. This is since they do not moult as their fur is more like hair, but they do need regular grooming and pampering.




We have one chihuahua called Madison. Our son wanted a chihuahua Teresa's friend who breed them said she would give him a pup if Teresa and Mark said he could have one. When Bella our older Lhasa Apso passed away our son was very upset as he grown up with her. Madison didn't fall in love with Brandon but did with Mark, Madison has become very much one of the family. Due to Madison having a wonderful temperament we have decided as a family to breed chihuahua puppies as well to the high stander as we do the Lhasa Apso.




Madison had a litter of Chi-Lhasa, there were 7 puppies in the litter and they all had amazing personalities. They seem to take the best part of both breeds, they are very loving and loyal little dogs. They all went to loving families that still keep us up to date with their wellbeing, we again did all we could to make sure that the puppies left with the same high standers that Treatsntrix are known for with all their Puppies.