We invite you to bring your bitch to our home when the time is right in her cycle so we can introduce her to the stud. This is normally between the 10th and 14th day after she starts bleeding and when she is most fertile. If you call or email us we will try to give you hints on what other signs to look for  that can help you find her timing better.

You can leave her for the day or stay with her for a couple of hours to see how they get on or you can leave her for the full four days (The 4 days is the best way to go as he will keep trying to tie with her as many times as he can in those 4 days). If the mating is not successful then you get the next one free.

The cost of this service is the going rate of one puppy or for Treatsntrix to have pick of the litter if we wish.

The way this service works is explained in the studding contract that you will be asked to sign. You will find a copy of the stud contract on the contract page.

Treatsntrix's only has one stud of it's own but we have many other studs on our books (all of them are from Treatsntrix line) Please let us tell you about them.

Buddy is also known as Bubba, he is a 4 year old Lhasa Apso dog.
He is a proven stud, he has mated with Millie, Minnie and Madison.
He is loving and warm dog loves lots of cuddles, he is Brandon's dog,
he sleeps with Brandon and follows him around all the time.