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As breeders for 17years we have always registered our puppies with the KC but was very upset when there was a problem with one of our pups, when we ask the KC to help we were told that the paperwork was "only a birth certificate and not proof of ownership"  We feel that the KC make a lot of money from people like us that are NOT and have NEVER shown their dogs and do not want their puppies to be shown. We have always only sold our puppies to be loving pets, we spend 14-16 weeks giving them the best start in life. We have also done the KC paperwork as I know a lot of people think that if they are KC registered they are getting a true breed of dog but we are sorry to say that sadly this is not always the case as the KC do not do any checks into the parents of the dogs. We do registered the puppies with a company called Dog Lovers, this company care about all dogs they will registered mixed breeds as well has full breeds. If you have any concerns over your pup/dog you can call them and they are always happy to help if they can, much more about the dog than money. This is how we feel about this matter but please call or email us for more info.

                                                                                                        What Happens Next

1 - 2 weeks - The pups are handled every day, this consists of playing with paws, rubbing around the eyes, month, tummy, bodies and tails. Puppies are weighted daily to make sure they are putting on weight, we included a copy of the pup’s weight in their packs. We take many photos of the puppies so they can be included in the puppy packs you get on pick up, we like you to have photos from day one of them and the rest of litter, plus with mum.                                       

2 - 4 weeks - Puppies eyes and ear are now starting to open, we now start to talk to them, just to get them to listen to different noise that they will hear throughout their lives, T.V, music, Vacuum, fans, other dogs, people (not people that live within the home) We continue to still do all the hands on work with them. Puppies are wormed with a liquid worming Medicine, it is given to them every 2 weeks from 2 to 8 weeks.

4 - 6 weeks - Puppies will be given puppy food (dry, we soak some of the dry food with warm water to start with) they get to try different foods like Chicken, Cheese, Lasagna, scrambled eggs.

We feel this is an important part of making sure if any of the foods upset the puppies, we can inform the new owners to avoid the food. All pups have their 1st Vaccination done at 6 weeks, the pups have their 1st full check at this time with the vet. The vet will check the pup’s heart, mouth, tummy, legs, feet, ears, if it is a boy they check to see if both testicles have dropped.

Puppies now sleep at night without mum, we give them a treat, tell them its bedtime, turn light out and leave them until the morning. We also start to go out during the day leaving them for an hour, then we increase the time, so they are used to being left. The puppies will come with a teddy/toy that as been in the bed with them, litter siblings and mum. This really helps new pup settle into their new homes, it is also a good time for new owners to give us a medium size teddy to put in with them all as well, then it not only has the smell of them on it but it will also have your family smell.

Teresa is a qualified microchiper so she will do their microchipping at 6 weeks, new owners’ details will be filled in on day of collection of puppies, with no cost to new owners.

7 - 10 Weeks – Puppies go to the vet to have their 2nd vaccination, they are still not allowed out to walk until 2 weeks later. They now are starting to go out into the garden with the other dogs, this is not only a great time for them but for us to. We get to see more of there personalities at this point, we work hard to make all our puppies confidential of the big world with lots of things they will come across in their life’s. We also take them out the car for trips to get them used to being in a car.

12 - 16 weeks – At this time we give the puppies Advocate (this is a flea and worming treatment) This is when we do the lead training with the pups, we try to get them to sit at the road side until we are ready to cross (this is not always 100% at this time) We now take the time to get the puppies ready for their new homes.

We do not let our puppies leave us until they are 14 to 16 weeks old as we have found this to be a good age for them to go to their new homes. They settle better with their new families if they have the time with their mum to teach them.

We have both of their vaccinations done, they are de-wormed/de-fled, they are micro chipped before they leave us We toilet train them as much as we can in the 14 weeks we have them, Door flap training, lead training.
We also play with them and try to socialise them with as many things as we can i.e. : other dogs, children and all common indoor/outdoor surroundings, noises etc.

Treatsntrix include a booklet that as a family we have put together to help you settle your new pup into your loving home. As breeders we on hand 24hours 7 days a week for you new family member throughout their lives, you can call us anytime for advice with your pup/adult. We also will do holiday cover for any of our pups to come back for a visit if you are going on your holidays, it needs to be booked and there is a change for the time they stay.

                                                                                 Other Services

We also offer the service of your new pup being spade or neutered, you pay the cost of the operation but we do all the caring of the pup. We have found over the years that this is a good thing to have done before they leave, for the dogs it means even if they smell a bitch in season they will not want to sent everywhere, with the bitches if she never has a season she will never miss them. We know many vets will say to wait until they are older but dogs and bitches personality dose seem to change if they have a season or smell a bitch that is in season. Please ask for more Info.


. We always put photos of mum and dad on here as well as photos of the puppies. This is updated when a litter of puppies are born.